Real Estate Made Simple

Barbara Heck and Kelly Crutcher discuss buyer’s counseling and home inspections. Air date: 11-01-14

Dwight Butler and Harry Borders discuss legal matters that home owners need to be aware of. Air date: 10-25-14

Dwight Butler and Kelly Crutcher share what they do for homeowners and what homeowners should expect when it comes to selling. Air date: 10-18-14

Barbara Heck, Kelly Crutcher, and Brad Chambliss talk about the Homestyle lending program and how it allows you to combine the purchase of a house with repairs to it in the same loan. Air date: 10-11-14

Dwight Butler and Jenny Fields discuss some of the legal aspects of real estate. Air date: 10-04-14

Barbara Heck and Kelly Crutcher discuss short sales, listing your home for sale, and what could happen during the selling process. Air date: 09-27-14

Dwight Butler, Barbara Heck, and Kelly Crutcher discuss what they can help you with as members of the Semonin Realtors team. They also discuss how you can benefit from using a realtor or auctioneer, and when you might not need one. Air date: 09-20-14

Steve McMichael from Veterans United Home Loans shares some of the products they offer. Air date: 09-13-14